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Reincarnated Trees - Wooden beer mugs, goblets, bowls and other wood in the round.

Using my first lathe at the Festival in 1999.
In the real world I have retired from my position as Director of Education for United Road.

Click here to visit United Road's web page if you have one car or several automobiles you need transported and you want them to arrive damage free and on time.

Here I using an updated lathe, technology rules.
I added a great wheel and a metal lathe bed (traded a beer mug for it)

Giving a demonstration
Here I am showing my cousin's husband how to use the lathe.

Powered by Ale
All lathes need power so I decided to refuel

I periodically add pictures to this site and modify my magnificent prose.  Please feel free to browse through and tell me what you think.  Thanks to my booth associate, Lisa, you can also find us on Facebook under Reincarnated Trees. 

Last Update - 03/27/2021

During August, September, and sometimes October every year you will find me at the Michigan Renaissance Festival in Holly, Michigan.  Please come visit my "real" world site as well as this virtual world site.  For 2023 the festival runs every weekend from Saturday August 19 to Sunday October 1.  It is also open on Labor Day and on Friday 9/29/2023. 

Many people ask me about the food safety of finishes.  Poisonous dryers like lead were eliminated in the United states over a quarter century ago.  As long as the finish used is freshly purchased and applied following the manufacturers directions there should be no problems.  I use finishes that are marketed as food safe and make sure the product has dried a month before I offer it for sale.
If you have any questions, ask the artisan who made your bowl, goblet, or mug.

Click here to read an article about the food safety of modern wood finishes.

I hope you get a chance to come visit me at the festival  so I thought you would like to see a picture of my booth.  My booth number is 614A and I am just North of the Bakery and just South of the Ice Cream Parlor.  Stop in and say hello. 

Renaissance Fair Booth
Home sweet home for 7 weeks in the Fall.

See you at the fair
Please get in touch to offer comments or to just say hello.
You can e-mail me at: